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Harper Beresford – Fashion For Life SL 2012 Coordinator – Interview on Friday Night Talk Show

Fashion For Life SL 2012 Interviews & Media Harper Beresford – (Fashion For Life SL 2012 Coordinator)  – Interview on Friday Night Talk Show      {music}/images/stories/Ruca Tease{/music}

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Tips For Second Life Content Creators You Should Know – Part 1

After my first year in Second Life as a content creator I reflect back in how much I've learned over the year. I have helped many people in their builds by offering what I have learned on my own and I'm surprised in how many people that have been on Second Life for years didn't know building tricks that would help in the long run. You don't have to be a content creator for these tips either, many can be used in landscaping, interior design of your home, making business signs or just passing the info on to other friends that design in Second Life and earning yourself some extra kudos points. Without further ado here are those spiffy tips you cant live without.

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Fashion For Life SL 2012 – Sim Maps with Legends

FFL Legend



By popular demand heres all the FFL sims with legends to find items and store locations. Now you "guys" get out  there and donate to your hearts content 🙂 I went to every single store in FFL and looked through ALL the items in a matter of a day/night/morning 0.o  Please forgive me if I missed anything, I'm running on fumes and tons of coffee lol. After seeing almost every single item in FFL, I must say there are some seriously talented people in SL with big hearts. Cheers to all that have contributed to such a great cause. Lets set a new record this year, so without further ado…… Heres the sims and all their awesomesauce stuffs 😉

Thank you, now I'm going to go crash for like 14 hrs hehe

Roscko Cobalt – Ruca Tease


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What a Party! Mens Fashion Week Party Was A Blast!

 Fridays Mens Fashion Week party was a blast. Lots of creative costumes were worn. Some include Transformers, Smurfett, cake, a few winged things (very nice wings), gorean and some very very hot skimpy lil numbers on the girls 0.0 Rarwz! We had a lot of fun and great laughs from some of the crazy talk […]

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Second Life Pikkubot Tutorial – Setting Up Pikkubot Group Advertisment Add On / Plugin

This Tutorial will show you how to set up your Second Life Pikkubot with the -RR- Group Advertisment (single) – an official PikkuBot addon found here:… You can get the Bot here: If this helped please rate / like and I will make more videos like this for Second Life   Next tutorial […]

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