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welcome home easle

This easel with Callie lilies in 9 different colors also comes with 3 sample abstract oil paintings. You can add your own artwork (notecard with instructions included) this item can be sized however to change texture of painting it must be done thru texture changer
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Club Furniture pack L$199

chair is 2 prims
table is 1 prim
lamp is 2 prims
classic ruca arm chair is 10 prims
fancy night stand (small table 1 prim)
dj booth 10 prims

all copy mod except for scripts
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4 prim forest L$100

2 Sets of 4 trees each 2 prims
cover a large space with little amount of prims and still maintain quality.Will dress up any breedable habitat.

Modern shop by ruca L$299

Modern Shop that fits 30sqm land on up. Only 29prims.

* More Prims needed for the displays in the shop.

Comes with displays and signs.50 prims

Comes with a rezzer for easy 1 click build/setup

A good Shop for clothes, shop for entertainment, office Building or as a freebie shop. Works with most popular Items and Genre.

Set up is a breeze.

Have your own cool modern shop in seconds!

NOW ONLY 299L!!!!

Mod/copy no-transfer
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