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Deluxe Enchanted Meeros Village

Perfect forest to share with your meeroos
Tranquil enchanted forest sky box, most items are mod/copy so you can move things around some are not because of scripts or mega prims.

136 prims
2 Tree homes
4 mushroom huts
water fall and pond
sculplted trees and plants
set in a beautiful elven forest 50 x 50 sky box


City Skybox semi furnished

*************Special Promo***********
This very detailed city loft is semi furnished comes with
*Fully stocked bar
*Sculpted fireplace matching coffee table
*Sculpted House plants
*Sculpted Artwork
* sculpted bean bag chairs
* Simple Comfy leather couch (no adult menu ) matching rug
* Very Detailed Waterfall wall
*Sculpted Book Shelves with sculpted books

Garden Supplies

Sculpted flower pack of twelve. Very detailed(real flowers) to shower your land with.Very vivid color and with twelve you can cover a large area with minimal prims

Tulip multi colored flower 12 pack

Summer bouquet Flower 12 pack


Tips For Second Life Content Creators You Should Know – Part 1

Save Your Money!

Many do not know this but you can upload images to Second Life for FREE. Yes free. A lot of us waste money (10 linden a shot) uploading images to Second Life that need to be edited again and again until perfect for what we need. Save your money by using Ascent Viewer and its Temporary image upload option. You can get it here. Its allowed in Second Life as a third party viewer, so no worries there and has the same layout of the interface as phoenix viewer does. Yay! To upload temporary images go to File (at the top bar) > image > grab the image you want and in the little window that pops up check the temporary box. * Its free but you must have at least 10 linden in your account for the File upload link to be enabled.
 The image will stay in your inventory for a few hours and will have (temporary) next to the name. Don't forget to upload the actual image once your pleased with your design or it will be grayed out once the temp time is up.

High Resolution "Quiet" Snapshot

Want to take snapshots with the highest quality and not have the snapshot sound play on your every snap? Well here you go, press Ctrl+Alt+D , this will bring up the advanced menu in your viewer at the top. In the drop down list make sure High-res snapshot and Quiet snapshot to disk are checked and enabled.

Get a Better Look

Want the best possible zoom without a lot of effort? And no its not the same as the mouse scroll wheel zoom. This zoom will focus your screen on your object or avatar and blur the background a little. Press Ctrl+0 (zero) as many times as you need to get a better look. To get out of the view press Ctrl+9.

View Sculpties At a Distance in High Quality

If you have noticed, sculpties will disappear or deform as you get further away from them, causing sculpted items to look bad or distorted. Follow these steps to make the sculpties around you look good regardless of distance. When in SL Viewer press Ctrl-Alt-D to get in the advanced mode.
Choose "Advanced/Debug settings…or Advanced/Show Degug Settings" to open debug parameters window. Type in "RenderVolumeLODFactor" (without quotation marks) in the text box. Set the value to 4.00 or higher and hit enter. Close the window. Now all sculpties around look good regardless your distance. This will NOT create lag for yourself or those around you. Go into Me/Preferences/Graphics/General and under Mesh detail set Objects to 8-10.

Edit From Afar

When landscaping a sim or the like sometimes its easier to cam over to something than to have to fly back and forth. You might have noticed though theres a limit to how far across a sim you can move and edit things. Not anymore! With this tip you can stand on one corner of the sim and build on the other corner of the sim on the other side 🙂 In the advanced menu at the top (Ctrl+Alt+D), make sure to uncheck "Limit select distance" and make sure to check on "disable camera constraints".

Select It All

Sometimes you need to delete, link or move a lot of  "un-linked" prims at the same time but don't want to mess up the positions of things or don't want to spend time zooming in and out and "edit selected >shift clicking" everything. Well while in edit mode with one of the prims hold down the shift key and drag a box around all the prims you want to select on your screen. Careful though it will grab prims behind other prims as well, yah its that good. Also if you need to grab other prims not selected from the box drag or want to un-select one of the prims from your grab while still holding the shift key and prims are still selected just click on and off the ones you need.

Shed Some Light On It

Need some quick good lighting effects for your projects without spending your cash? Make your own quickly. I do this for snapshots of things I create all the time. Create a simple box prim and then go to the features tab at the top. Enable the light section and play with the settings till your happy with the light settings. You can change the color of the light as well by clicking on the white box. Ad a few of them for better effects at different angles and distance. Also if you go into the textures tab you can set the transparency to 100% or search for "default trans" in your inventory for the transparent texture that comes with the viewer library.

Quick I Need A Copy

If you are the creator of the item or have copy rights and want a quick copy of it hold down your shift key and drag out a copy.

Theres Something Here But I Cant See It

Press Ctrl+Alt+T and what you see in red is the transparent culprit.

The Quick U-Turn That's Legal

Hold down the Ctrl key while your object is selected and you will get the item rotate gizmo. Zoom out a bit and while licking down on one of the colored bars drag outward to get the North, South, East and West Positions. Never have a crooked build again. Also useful when moving an item in edit mode, while pressing down on one of the arrows drag outwards and you will get helper guides.

Don't Drown In Water While Building

Sometimes when I'm building and designing/landscaping a sim the sim water and the like get in my way. Well to fix this pesky issue press Ctrl+Alt+D to get the advanced menu. Then under Rendering > Types > uncheck Water or any other items that get in your way while building and turn it back on when finished. Speeds up performance while building as well if you want to use Ultra graphic settings while building.

Lazy Builder and Sculpter

Sometimes you will come across some sculpties that consist of many many prims that have to be made up of many sculptie maps. Its time consuming and sometimes tricky to get things to look just like the ad of the product you bought. But you still want to show up as the creator right. If your smart you got a package that came with a full perm demo that's linked for you. Create an invisible prim that's small and set to phantom (click on the Phantom box under Object tab in edit mode). Then select your linked Sculpted demo and while hold down the shift key click on the prim you just created and hit Ctrl+L to link it. Now your prim should show up with a yellow outline meaning its the root prim of the linked item. Now rename that prim to whatever you want and Voilà your now the creator 🙂  
* Now just check on "edit linked parts" at the top of the build tab in edit mode. Now you can edit the prims individually in the linked set.

Save Targa As Png

Sometimes you have textures you purchased to use with builds that are transparent in the background and you want to edit them in your preferred image editor but your not so experienced with Tga, Targa aphla channels? Well a nifty trick is to use the legal third party Second Life Viewer Phoenix Viewer (soon to be Firestorm which is more like the SL 2.x viewer). Open your image or texture and save as png to your hard drive and when you open it in your image editor you now have an easy to use texture with the transparency intact. Then upload the image back into Second life as a png (progressive and uncompressed, un-optimized). Not to mention png format will make your image colors pop! *Just dont forget the texture will still have an alpha channel so you will still get the "fighting for view" problem you get when putting a transparent texture behind an other transparent texture. An example of this would be when you have a window thats shaded black and a tree or plant behind the window shows through with full colors cutting into the window.

Fighting Transparent Alpha Textures

Like described above when you purchase textures that are NOT Transparent but solid and still fight and show through other textures like walls ect. The problem you get when putting a transparent texture behind an other transparent texture. An example of this would be when you have a window thats shaded black and a tree or plant behind the window shows through with full colors cutting into the window. The reason this happens is because the texture was saved as a Targa or Tga and this texture still has and alpha layer even though its solid. To fix this save image to your hard drive as tga or png format then in your image editor of choice open the texture and then save as a jpg or jpeg format at 100% for best quality. Then upload back into second life as the new jpeg and Voilà no more fighting textures 🙂

This is a conclusion to part one of a series of tips and tutorials for Second Life Building and Content Creation. I will keep adding more to this article series as I go. I hope some of this information was useful to you. Pass it on to your creative building friends and I'm sure they will be pleased with you finding this for them. Please leave comments and tweet or like it for me and I will continue if this is helpful. Have fun and good luck with all your awesome sauce builds.

Take care,

Roscko Cobalt – Ruca Tease

Next in the series – Quick & Useful Scripts For Everyday Use




Fashion For Life SL 2012 – Sim Maps with Legends

FFL Legend


By popular demand heres all the FFL sims with legends to find items and store locations. Now you "guys" get out  there and donate to your hearts content 🙂 I went to every single store in FFL and looked through ALL the items in a matter of a day/night/morning 0.o  Please forgive me if I missed anything, I'm running on fumes and tons of coffee lol. After seeing almost every single item in FFL, I must say there are some seriously talented people in SL with big hearts. Cheers to all that have contributed to such a great cause. Lets set a new record this year, so without further ado…… Heres the sims and all their awesomesauce stuffs 😉

Thank you, now I'm going to go crash for like 14 hrs hehe

Roscko Cobalt – Ruca Tease

Legend :

FFL Legend















Map Layout :

Big Fashion For Life SL Map
























The Sims :



Sponsored by AngelWing
Built by Roscko Cobalt – hehe thats me 😉
1. Voluptia – House Of Glamour
2. Caroline's Jewelry
3. Stars!
4. ~ Mystic Sky ~
5. Kastle Rock Couture
6. Leri Miles Designs
7. Spyralle
8. Sassy!
9. .:CoLLisions:.
10. Goth1c0
11. Diva Store
12. Dulce Secrets
13. AngelWing
14. LaVie
15. Sophistishapes
16. [email protected]
17. Epic
18. KittyCatS! & Callie Cline
19. Aura
20. Ruca Tease
21. Ashli Designs
22. VAUGHAN'S – House of Curiosities 
23. Empyreal Dreams
25. Teen Turf Imports
























Sponsored by Lapointe and Bastchild
Built by Cory Edo
1. Cracked Mirror
2. Thalia's Fashion Collection
3. MdC
4. MINA 
5. Adored
6. Amacci
7. Zaara
8. The Plastik
9. 1 Hundred.
10. NV Designs
11. Designs by Sebastian
12. *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
13. Lapointe and Bastchild
14. mashooka
16. BoHo HoBo
17. ::Eclectic Firefly::
18. Insufferable Dastard
19. + ex + ezura Xue
20. Riddle
21. Mon Chéri
22. Baby Monkey Shoes
23. Boho Baku~
24. Aurora Borealis
25. Body Doubles
























Sponsored by Sonatta Morales
Built by Troy Vogel
1. Virtual Impressions
2. Madison's Creations
3. SIGMA Jewels
4. Sascha's Designs
5. Kunglers
6. Eclectica
7. G Field
8. My Precious Fashion House
9. Mohna Lisa Couture
10. Akeruka
12. Miamai
13. Sonatta Morales
14. Kakia Designs
15. Styles of Edo
16. EarthStones
17. Orage Creations
18. Xen's Hats
19. ~*~Felicia's Fashions~*~  (Sadly couldn't set up cause she had surgery – FFL is for people like her coping with cancer – please donate)
20. Blacklace Lingerie
21. Donna Flora
22. ::je suis…::
23. J.H. Couture
24. Alpha Auer
25. Jador Fashion (DID NOT SET UP)
























Sponsored by Bliss Couture
Inspired by DB Bailey (Finished by Troy Vogel with less than a weeks time, we thank you very much Troy :))
1. Blush Skins
2. [ Nectar! ]
3. Strawberry Fizz
4. [Acide!]
6. Schön
7. Duh!
9. Naughty N Nice
10. -+-Rabbit*Kiss-+-
11. [sYs] Design
12. Bare Rose
13. Bliss Couture
15. Paperbag
16. NONKO romankan
18. Snowpaws
19. *+Crie Style+*
20.  =Feather=
21. kisetsu
22. House of Rage
23. Gallery fumiwo
24. .+*Cipher*+.
25. Milky House
























Sponsored by [LeeZu!]/Emo-tions/PurpleMoon/-Azul-
Built by Cierra Anatine
1. PurpleMoon
2. [LeeZu!]
3. Emo-tions
4. -Azul-
























Sponsored by Tres Beau
Built by Rathmeous Dagger with Alecto Vella
1. SF Design
2. +DV8+
3. Solange! Fashions
4. Dare Designs
5. * Amaranthus *
6. MyDear Skin Store
7. Earth & Sky Designs
8. AntZ
9. Lillou's Designs
10. MPP – My Pretty Pixels
11. MEB Fashion
12. Moon Angel
13. ::{Favole}::
14. Jazmyn D
15. Bliensen + MaiTai
16. Deviant Designs (DID NOT SET UP)
17. Fantasia
18. Heartsick
19. House of RFyre
20. Kouse's Sanctum
21. Tres Beau
























Sponsored by FallnAngel Creations
Built by Frederick Lancaster
1. Gothic Passionate Dreams
2. Impwerks
3. Nvious
4. G&N Quality Design
5. Pretty Lady Fashion
6. PeKaS Desing
7. Vlintuition
8. Fantavatar & Moonstruck
10. Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry
11. Silken Moon
12. Body Canvas
13. ( Empty – No Shop )
14. Hawker's House
15. JariCat Fashions
16. Wild Serenity
17. FallnAngel Creations
























Sponsored by Ala Folie
Built by Grace Loudon
1.[mock] cosmetics
2. Maverick Design
4. N-core design
5. Egoisme
6. Vanity Hair
8. / erratic /
10. Gos
11. American Bazaar
12. INDI Designs
13. IKON
14. Ala Folie
15. Dahlinks
16. Total Betty
17. Vanitas Vesture
18. Gizza Creations
19. vogue
20. PixelBish
21. Hush
22. Persnickety by Grace Loudon
23. Legal Insanity
24. Mavma (previously Naive)
25. Style by Kira
























Sponsored by Indyra Designs
Built by Nigel Riel
1. +:+WTG+:+
2. KIM
3. =Razorblade Jacket=
4. VelvetRythms
5. Signature
6. Kennedy's
7. Adam n Eve
8. Nyte'N'Day
9. Pixel Passion
10. Vitamin Ci
11. GlamDammit
12. Greymoon
13. Indyra Designs
15. *** Just You Jewels ***
16. Discord Designs 
17. .::RAGE::.
18. Image Reflections
19. SYSY's
20. Maxi Gossamer
21. Coro
22. e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories
23. ArisAris
24. *BOOM* Clothing 
























DreamSeeker Tiempo
Sponsored by 
DreamSeeker Estates 
Built by Anoron Hanson (I think, sorry I've been up way too long lol)
Entertainment Sim
Ok thats it for now. Maybe I will do some shots of the sims next. Hope you all enjoy and find this useful 🙂
You can give out the link to this page to friends, blogs ect. I only ask that you will not hotlink my images and suck up my bandwidth on my server TY. If need the images Just IM inworld 😉    – Roscko Cobalt
…………. I go sleep now nini